Clean up and keep the hydrosphere clean

In detail, to pursuit our targets as follow:


(better to say in a VERY SHORT term, considering the serious level of plastic pollution in the earth’s waters)

The first step will be:

to intervene with ACTIVE water cleaning up solutions, that is the macro- and micro- plastic garbage quick removal from the waters’  surface down to 3 meters deep; for this purpose we have devised appropriate tecnologies, not harmful for life forms. The first very short term target is the removal of the microplastic debris from Lake Geneva, very heavily polluted;  afterward we will clean up a part of the Mediterranean Cetacean Sanctuary, more exactly the area between Corsica, Liguria and Tuscany. These operations will allow us to fine-tuning the technologies, and to start to clean up the hydrosphere, beginning from  the oceans.

Floating plastic bottles on the Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva - copyright ©Laurent Geslin

Second step:

in the cleaned areas, installation of barriers and filters at river mouths to stop the intake of new waste in the seas.

Following steps:

reclamation of the polluted areas in the Pacific Ocean (2), in the Atlantic Ocean (2) and in the Indian Ocean (1) by removing the macro- and microplastic debris; after that, we will install barriers at river mouths to keep the reclaimed waters clean.

Map of the 6 plastic pollution gyres in the world's oceans


Research and distribution of products and plastic-alternative materials non polluting and harmless for life forms, as well as to search for solutions for clearing heavy metals and toxic inorganic substances such as fluorides, chlorides and cyanide off waters and soil. Research for useful, economical, plastic recycling solutions that have limited possibility to further pollute the environment; for this purpose we also will set up scholarships and awards for innovative and practical ideas.


Preservation of reclaimed environments, environmental-awawreness and education in schools and companies; seafloor and soil cleaning up from toxic chemical elements.